Romance and Action: Episode 8

Episode 8 is now Live.

Lollywood Tales

Buster Keaton in The General an action thriller (1926)

If you were a resident of Lahore in the 1920s—the first decade when movies truly began to catch the public’s imagination—what sort of movies were you able to watch?

From our last episode we learned that throughout the 1920s Lahore was home to between 6 and 9 cinema halls scattered across the city. Depending on where the cinema was located, you would have a good idea of what sort of movies you could expect. In theandaroonishahr(inner walled city) aroundTaxaliand Bhatti Gates, you’d catch movies that had previously been shown in the better cinema halls around McLeod Rd or on theMall, the wide shaded boulevard that dominatedthe European/modern partof Lahore.

And of course, the venues themselves would differ radically. At the Regal on MallRoadyou’d have heavy chandeliers in the lobby and a full bar with uniformed bartenders upstairs. In the kutcha, tin…

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