My first novel The Book of Accounts was published in London in 2000. Sadly, about a month later the publisher went bust, a casualty of the popped bubble. I am currently seeking a new publisher.

The Shah of Chicago, a novel is due to be published by Speaking Tiger Books in early 2017.

I am currently writing a history of the Pakistani movie industry, based in Lahore, known popularly as Lollywood. The book will be published by Speaking Tiger Books.

My passion for photography is captured in a number of self-published photobooks available on

The ones I am particularly proud of are:

7502094-86afe3a340594855dedbf80c2734d6c7 52 Fridays

7006310-9e7c7b740f41f6d733c1547f9fe94b77 New Portraits 2013-2015 

1240624-08b23b15f1aa12d191cb21493db4ef11Citr Akar

590303-3e85c5c05d0fe2d89151e15276d7deb9Dr Ambedkar’s Glasses

1522350-0a7fda97a74182fb4e9548736a1cd19227 Photographs of Manila

259413-26c93a572b851d8d5828eb774993675dPakistan Zabardast