nateI’ve been writing for most of my conscious life.  It was the one thing I enjoyed more than any other in school.  I got my initial reputation as a ‘good’ writer after writing a story about a tiger in Ms Watts 4th grade class.

Over the years, I’ve kept journals, scratched impressions on some of my travels, drafted first chapters by the score and even penned some godawful poems at University. It took a painful romantic breakup ,though, to inspire me to write a complete draft of a novel.

Several years later the manuscript was published. Encouraged, I wrote another novel but didn’t submit it until recently.

I continued doing the things I outlined above. I had more ideas for books then you could shake a stick at. I wrote a few stories that no one really liked.

Six or seven years ago I discovered the world of blogging. I started writing about and sharing music through a blog I called Washerman’s Dog. This became an obsession. Soon I had a second and third blog. Then a fifth and sixth. I’ve closed down several more in the meantime. [A full list of my current blogs are on the front page].

A couple years ago, a journalist friend in Mumbai who had just been appointed editor of a new online paper, asked me to write a  weekly music column called Sunday Sounds.  That gig continued until late 2016 when other demands compelled me to give it up. I still write for the newspaper from time to time, mainly about photography, through a column called Camera Indica.

Blogging allowed me to find a voice. Writing a regular column taught me how to be succinct (or at least, succincter than is my natural style).

In addition to writing every day,  I run an online business in the personal development industry. The business has allowed me and my wife to ‘drop out’ of the regular world of jobs, career ladders, office politics, sackings, restructures, downsizing and poor pay to create a life of our own design.

Being a home business owner is wonderful on so many levels.  I’m around every day at any time to be a contributing member of the family unit.  My hours are flexible and responsive to what else is going on in life.  My mind and life have been transformed by becoming a serious student of personal development. We earn an income we could only dream about before. And I have time to write!

If you’d like to find out more about this lifestyle choice just pop in your details at the website or drop me a line at easegraceflow@gmail.com

So, welcome to  my mothership blog. The hub. The command central for my writings.

Be sure to check out the sidebars where you’ll find links to my website and other blogs. My journalism will be posted here as well.

Nate Rabe

Melbourne, Australia

P.S.   A note on the header of the blog.

The picture is a detail of a wall painting of a politician, or possibly an idol of the silver screen, taken in Bangalore, India.

If you browse my writing you’ll discover that one of my favorite things in the world is popular art, especially from South Asia, where I was born, raised, educated and have worked for many years.

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