Kudos from Lens Culture


Some very nice feedback from Lens Culture Magazine on my submissions to the 2016 Portrait Competition

one photo @ a time

I’m not one for entering photo competitions.  And I’ll tell you why.  I have a strong inferiority complex about my work.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my work. I have a very loyal band of ‘fans’ in the physical and virtual world who give me regular ego boosts about my photos. I have no problem with taking pictures. I may not be tech savvy or into ‘kit’ like a lot of my peers but over 40 years I’ve developed a strong ‘feel’ for good images.

But when it comes to entering competitions I immediately give in to the old saws that echo up out of the dark depths of childhood, “You’re no good.” “You can never get the attention of real photographers.”  “Your stuff is derivative and shallow.” And on and on.

A couple months ago though I did take a punt on submitting a few pictures to the

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