Going Clear

IMG_4720About 10 minutes ago I deactivated my Facebook account.  I did the same for Instagram yesterday.  I’ve gone clear.

This wasn’t a move I agonised over. It wasn’t a long time coming. I woke up on Saturday morning with the notion the time had come.  I’ve been struggling with a certain ennui with the whole scene for sometime.  Facebook was always the platform to engage an audience for my photos, writings about music and the safe place to go and let it all hang out when the packs of idiots and demagogues that run the world these days get too hard to handle.  But as I’ve grappled with a number of life’s passages in the past 12 months–turning 60 in July, the most serious health issues in my life, notions (for the first time ever) of mortality–I’ve found myself reflecting ‘Why?’ about a lot of things.

And though I have made some genuine friendships with strangers and, built up audiences who appreciate my music shares and photography, my heart was no longer in it.

The more I read about the creepy business model of our new global digital  Life Curators, the rise of A.I and the extent of  its already existing infiltration into our lives and the cyncism and faux ‘We Care About You’ attitude of Zuckerberg and the Apple Gang the easier it became to cut the cord.

I’m not planning to go ‘off line’ completely like some 21st century Unabomber. I’ve enjoyed Facebook and Instagram. I will miss it I’m sure. The twinges of regret are immediate. I may even return. It is after all the best way to create an audience in the current epoch. And I love a fanbase as much as anyone.

The real answer to why I’ve flipped the switch is because a certain part of declares it the right thing to do.  In some way, I know it is a catalyst to force other more important changes.

I took my first vigorous walk in months today.







1 thought on “Going Clear

  1. 👌 Nate!
    I deleted my Facebook account too, a month back. But still on instagram… although I took a backup of my pictures 😬
    It’s difficult.
    Good to know that it’s possible! from you! I will try to find an offline app similar to insta… let’s see…
    Nice seeing your clicks so far. But I hope to read more from you here and on your other blogs
    Have a good day 🙏


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