Betting on Ourselves


The kids have been singing that old mariner’s tune, What do you do with a drunken sailor, over and over.


And appropriately, Yvonne and I have been feeling like drunken sailors in the last few weeks. We wake each morning feeling slightly woozy and bleary eyed. Life is moving fast and it seems our legs are wobbly as we try to keep up.


We’re racing toward the end of year. The kids school year came to a hectic climax, there is all the Christmas shopping and visiting to cram in, elderly parents are struggling with the sorts of curses Old Age brings and our home business just keeps barreling down the track.


We’ve been business owners for the past 12 months. Looking back from this vantage point to our first weeks and months in the business, it seems as if a lifetime has passed. Full time employment is a distant memory. The silly (and not-so-silly) mistakes we made have been many. In fact, we just made a doozy this week and created some unnecessary chaos for ourselves.


We started out with real excitement, expecting the learning curve to be less severe and far less elongated than it turned out to be. In the middle of winter, when we were several months in and still not making money, the rain and dark clouds that showed up most days matched our mood perfectly. I always thought I was pretty resilient, but I had to dig deep in those months.


My daily walks proved to be the thing that kept me going. Bundled up in my St Kilda hoodie and headphones, I’d stomp down the path listening to Shane Krider, Wayne Dyer, Neville Goddard and a whole host of others talk about possibility, choice, personal responsibility, focus, consistency, imagination and the actual relationship between the invisible and visible worlds. My stomping would quickly lighten to striding. And most days, by the time I got home, I felt as I’d been flying through the air.


It was on one of those walks that it dawned on me that regardless of how much money I made in the business, I had already more than recouped my investment in Prosperity of Life. The depths of perception and understanding that have been opened to me through the course material are truly profound. Life, for the first time, is something I know I can be in charge of, rather than a victim of. This is stuff I can keep forever. And apply wherever.


Talk about a reward!


The money was still hard to come by as winter moved into spring. But then the tide turned.


We’re still not sure why it did because we weren’t doing anything differently. We were still marketing and still prospecting. But suddenly, it seemed the prospects were serious. They ‘got’ it. And best of all, they ‘wanted’ it. In our first income-earning month we cleared $24,000. Gulp!


The income kept coming in, which was wonderful. Our shoulders relaxed a bit and we pushed harder. But along with the money came new challenges. Things like cash flow management and customers cancelling orders, or disappearing just as completely as if they had been abducted by aliens.


What the…? He was here just a minute ago, I swear.


We say every day that we are looking for people who want to make at least $10,000 a month within the first 6-12 months of setting up their business. We never doubted that the business would deliver. But if we’re honest, there were many times in the past year we wondered why ours hadn’t shown up yet!


In the past three weeks we’ve earned more than half a previous year’s wages! Within our first 12 months in the business we’ve hit that six-figure income. And though our heads are spinning and we’re feeling a bit punch drunk it is wonderful to confirm that Prosperity of Life is a truly powerful business. Far more powerful in fact, than we ever imagined when we, with not a little trepidation, put our money on the line and did the foolish thing of betting on our future.


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