How I survived my first year outside the Aid Sector



Eleven months ago I pulled the plug on a successful career in international aid. There were (and remain) many who felt I was mad. Even I thought so right up until I finally stepped off the cliff.*

Nearly a year on I find myself hurtling ever further and faster out of the orbit of Planet Aid. What once seemed unthinkable—that I would willingly leave the security, the adventure, the ‘meaning’ of a sexy, rewarding career—is now daily reason for gratitude. I could never imagine returning.

I am aware from the occasional visit to Aid-worker sites on the Net that the idea of a post-Aid life is a particularly hot topic. For most, ‘the next step’ is confounding. For some, it’s downright petrifying. Options run between the unsatisfactory (low pay, junior positions) and the non-existent (corporate, UN or think tank). Overall, I get the idea from the discussions, its better to…

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