Fragile Reality: The Photographs of Saqib Mumtaz

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man in front of jama masjid

Photography is touted for its supreme capacity to capture reality. The frightening ease with which the physical verisimilitude of a scene or a person can be reproduced is what makes photography unique, compelling and addicting. The photograph reflects back to us what we think exists. We confer our belief in the image and thereby, reinforce the mental trick that we believe what we see.

Saqib Mumtaz, a Kashmiri photographer based in Delhi, begs to differ. Photography, for him, is not about capturing an objective reality, but rather an exploration of the possibility within reality. “I present a scene in the way that I perceive it, rather than how it appears,” he told Scroll recently. “For me, the subjectivity of a photograph and how that links back to the photographer, is the critical aspect.”

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