Death and Dying Mix

What with all the death around…




Here and gone.

So soon and without any warning.

David, Alan, Merle, Arjan, Sherie, Teddy and now Prince.

The heart is too heavy at the moment.

Death and dying.

It’s inevitable, I know.

But it still is shit for those of us left here.

50 songs on the subject.

Track Listing:

01 Mahindra Death Ride [The Bombay Royale]

02 Death Letter [Son House]

03 Country Death Song [Violent Femmes]

04 Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting [Re. J. M. Gates]

05 Dying Anyway [Ben Sidran]

06 Death Is Not the End Carl Broemel]

07 Asta-asta (You are gone) [Sherali Jo’raev]

08 Bury Me Deep In Love [Jimmy Little]

09 Low Down Death Right Easy [Dock Reed]

10 River Of Death [The Bluegrass Album Band]

11 De la Vie a la Mort (From Life to Death) [Zap Mama]

12 Love and Death [Ebo Taylor]

13 A Fiddler Dead And Gone…

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