Motherless Child

Motherless Child_ Interpretations of the Great Negro Spiritual

I have many passions. Negro Spirituals are one of them as is gospel music in general. My childhood was passed in a seriously Christian environment so the roots of many of these old songs are deep in my soul.  I no longer prescribe to the worldview of my childhood but I definitely cling to the beauty of songs such as Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.

In preparing my column for last week on the music of Afghanistan I stumbled upon a wonderful rendition of this hymn which blew my socks off, not least for its unexpected discovery in a country not generally associated with Afro-American music!

Several years ago I put together a couple compilations of Motherless Child for my (now discontinued) blog, Washerman’s Dog. Given what happened last week I decided to revive the links to those compilations which cover versions of the song from all over the musical landscape.  If you’re interested in hearing some utterly fantastic music feel free to click the links below.

Part 1: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Part 2:  Motherless Children: More Interpretations of the Great Negro Spiritual


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